Kellye Davis wants everyone to enjoy the benefits of stress-free living.

Kellye became inspired to live stress to peace while teaching stress management yoga programs at anxiety-ridden work environs, and while owning her own yoga studio.

She is the author of the book The Bliss Principle-Easy Ways to Go from Stress to Peace (KD Publishing), a media correspondent, and is featured regularly on media outlets such as Discovery Network, NBC-NY Weekend Morning Show, CNN, FOX 5, WCBS News and more. Kellye has been published in Woman’s World, Essence, Spa, Pregnancy Magazine and The New York Daily News, where she contributed a weekly stress-free tip column titled “Natural Health."

A certified Integral yoga instructor, Kellye's workshops and seminars have been attended by hundreds, and have been offered at Bayer, Oxford Health Plans, Snapple Beverages , MasterCard , Phillip Morris ,GE Capital , Diversified Investment, ABC-TV, as well as at spas and colleges across the country.

Kellye's “stress to peace” brand of information offers readers, users and viewers individual stress-fighting, tranquility-craving solutions. “Stress undermines our health, sense of well-being, relationships, careers and even our love lives profoundly,” Kellye explains. “Incorporating techniques to inspire more blissful living can transform a person more than any other pursuit.” A few of her “go-to” resolutions to stress include: calming food recipes, restorative yoga, self-care, and also environment and attitude makeovers.

Her forthcoming stress-free living magazine, set to be launched 2014, goes straight to the heart of the stress matter and speaks to Kellye's growing audience of consumers who are seeking ways to embrace less stress and more peace in their daily lives.

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