The Bliss Principle


Dear Bliss Principle Reader,

The Bliss Principle is meant not only to be read, but to be used.  Delve deep and the content will go beyond the pages as it becomes part of your daily life. This book will show you how to take a straw and sip from the peace within – like a cool drink in the sweltering heat of your hurried life. We live in high-speed, demanding times.  Stress is prevalent throughout days that fly by, and nights that are gone even more quickly.  As the world continues to speed by –keep this book on hand, lean on it as it coaxes you to slow down.

From the bottom of my heart I hope you find The Bliss Principle a powerful resource on your journey!

Much Bliss,


From the Foreword

by Hannelore R. Leavy

CEO & Founder, The Day Spa Association Worldwide

Early in my career - not to give away my age but it was in the 1960’s – the phrase “Manager’s Illness” emerged.  I thought nothing of this term as I had a long way to go to be a Manager!  It didn’t take long, however, for this to change for me and for the rest of the world as well. 

The way we do business today has evolved in such a way that stress (another word that did not exist in the 1960’s), affects virtually everyone.  Hectic lifestyles and the uncertainty of modern times have us all pretty much “stressed out.”  Often starting as early as grade school we begin experiencing stress, and no one is spared.  From day laborers to office employees, managers to retirees, we all feel the effects of stress.  That’s where Kellye Davis and The Bliss Principle come in.  As a comprehensive guide using ancient wisdom, good old fashioned advice, natural healing methods and logic, this book encompasses the healing our bodies crave. 

As a scholar of many modalities, Kellye Davis gives clear, simple instructions on how to conquer stress in our time.  Because we know that if left unchecked, the effects of stress eventually lead to fatigue, premature aging and disease, Kellye’s advice is right on time. 

She directs readers to natural remedies, exercise, deep breathing and healthy eating to keep immune systems strong and to help achieve blissful peace.  To find freedom from the destructive forces of stress I recommend that everyone refer to this guide often.  We should all follow the sound advice found in The Bliss Principle

Kellye Davis has done a great job of making the Bliss Principle Program easy to understand and fun to implement.  And no, you do not have to go to a spa to find inner bliss, but it is a good place to get started!



“This book encompasses the healing our bodies crave.”
                                                – Hannelore Leavy, President Day Spa Association

"Although just over one hundred pages, these hundred pages are loaded with information about blissful yoga positions, meditation, breathing techniques, recipes and just an overall guide to blissful living. This is a great book which I finished during my commute one day into New York City. However, the book is built as a long term reference guide as it is filled with illustrations and details that can help guide one from stress to peace. Keep this one in our library for methods of peaceful living."                                            - 5-star review on

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