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                    Signature Offerings  


                          The Bliss Principle Program Intensive

 When I created the Bliss Principle program years back, I would have never imagined the intensity of the times  we are  now facing.  Yes. we were a stressed out society before,  but now its beyond what we have ever known.

 No matter who you are, where you stand at this moment in time – The Bliss Principle Program belongs to you.  It’s a lifeline that safeguards you from an  anxiety filled world


 The Bliss Principle Program is a signature One-on-One  Intensive Program that  connects you with your innate energetic peace that can be initiated, felt and used in your daily life.   


 For 3  consecutive weeks I will guide you to  reclaim your inner calm and peaceful stance.  The Bliss Principle program is a lifestyle, a way of being that says you don’t have to head for the hills nor stew in isolation with your fears and anxieties  - you can live blissfully well where ever you are.


 Where ever you are on your journey  The Bliss Principle program will  show you how to take a straw and drink from the peace within.  For three weeks we will  work together  to bring the program into your daily life.

It will unfold like this:

Week 1  Uncovering your  Bliss Principle

Week 2  Living your Bliss Principle

Week 3  Remembering and Nourishing your Bliss Principle



·         Initial Assessment

·         A copy of The Bliss Principle Program
·         (3) Weekly 40 minute sessions  
·          Personal Guided Meditations
·         (2) 20 minute  Bliss Principle Relaxation Workout Classes via               ZOOM or in person
·         Supportive Hand outs
·         (2) Follow -up Telephone Assessments


Cost $475




                        Public Classes

                                            4-week Series

                                      In-person and ZOOM


        Bliss Principle Relaxtion Workout

      A 35 minute restorative breathing, meditation, and gentle yoga                                                             routine.





                               Summer 2020, To Be Announced




To book a private session and/or information for upcoming classes

                                       Call: (347) 433 - 5302





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