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UNWIND with Kellye Davis

UNWIND with Kellye Davis MAGAZINE wants everyone to enjoy the benefits of stress-free living…

We are living in a rapidly changing world, where days go by fast, and weeks and months even faster. Unwind with Kellye Davis offers readers intimate information and solutions that are not only meant to be read but used and applied to one’s busy life. No matter where you are, and what's going on around you, Unwind with Kellye Davis shows you that a stress-free lifestyle is possible.

Enjoy tips on ways to do a 'desk massage' at work, simple relaxation methods that equals three hour’s sleep, easy to enjoy stress-reduced healthy meals, and inspiring lifestyle interviews. These are a few of the interesting subjects touched on that show readers that … Unwind with Kellye Davis Magazine is a place to go to unwind and live blissfully well.

Unwind with Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington speaks on the power of slowing down

By Kellye Davis

Arianna Huffington, the chair, president and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group (among many other roles), gets it. She knows that in today’s 24-hour information overdrive world we rarely, if ever, get to turn off, tune in and drop out of our demanding lives. She is on a mission to let us all know that we need to embrace the opportunities to turn everything off and tune in to ourselves and our well-being. Huffington shares with us how she redefines success by reducing stress and, yes, by taking a deep breath.


Unwind with Kellye Davis is a special edition 32 page stress-free lifestyle magazine supplement in select newspapers.

Unwind with Kellye Davis offers business leaders, CEO, managers and executive’s ways to reduce stress personally and in the work environment by way of: hands on products, services, intimate interviews, calming foods, self-care tips and environment and attitude makeovers.

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