Meditation …

We cannot allow stress to have its way with us.  We must say “ No” back up, my peace is more important than the drama and sickness stress brings.    

Let’s Meditate and stop the drama and access our Bliss Principle.


My Meditation Offerings….


Learn to Meditate with your Bliss Principle                          

This signature class/session is geared to beginner meditators seeking to get started...  During your session you will be given the tools, tips and the awareness on how to prepare, sit, go inward to meditate for periods of time and how maintain your meditation practice- for the long haul.  Take home support material provided.                    

Sessions; 60 minutes. In person, by phone or Skype . To book this contact: or call: 914-712-8340.


More Offerings:

• Bliss Principle Meditation classes                                                                             

• Stress-Management /   Meditation Coaching

• Live  & Teleseminar Bliss Principle Meditation events  @ Conferences,  Spa events,  Colleges,  etc.

For more information and book Kellye, contact: or call 914-712-8340.