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                    Workspace Meditation & Relaxation Wellness


 True to Bliss Wellness is a meditation, relaxation and wellness holistic company that has recently expanded from Kellye Davis's personal coaching brand to a leader in the mind body balance niche market.

 Besides providing coaching and trainging services, True to Bliss also offers a line of branded products.

 Long hours, multitaking, stiff competition, rigorous commute, irregular eating habits, sedentary desk jobs and bad sitting postures, all combine to create a pool of highly stressed, inefficient and thus despairing employees.

 Our innovative apporach to wellness also helps boost employee morale and interpersonal office communication.

 RAND report published statistics supporting the fact taht over 80% of companies in the US with over fifty employees, offer some sort of corporate wellness benefit.


          Meditation for Business Leaders, CEO's, and Managers


                                         One on One Sessions


 In this signature session You will be showen how to thrive with your meditation practice while you work from home or office and how to go deeper beyond the distractions.

 Yes, things have changed…   You have changed…  The work environment has changed

In fact our work place may never be the same.  

 Its safe to say that your forced to work in place at home, or better your updated job description now requires it.  

 Let’s face it , for those that enjoy the spacing between home life and work like, it will take some adjustment. What about your meditation practice how to do you integrate meditation practice in the middle of it all,  at the same time? What you'll learn and intimacy? 



·         Telephone Conferencing, in person and/or ZOOM session
·         15 minute Initial Assessment Call  
·          A copy of The Bliss Principle Program Book
·         4-week 35 minute in depth One on One Sessions  
·         Hand outs
·        (2) 20minute Follow - up Sessions